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Everybody has seen potatoes at the grocery store or supermarket.

In American and European supermarket, leaves were removed prior to sale. 

It contrasts with Asia, where sweet potato leaves are consumed like we consume spinach, asparagus or other vegetable.

It is the custom in Asia to pan-fry them or boil them.

You can also eat them raw.

They are delicious. A bit sweet. 

There are thousands of kind of potatoes throughout the world. 

Surprisingly enough, only a hundred of them are massively cultivated. This has to do with how easy they are to grow for the farmers.


There are some sweet potato leaves that are very healthy.


For example, there is this kind of sweet potato leaves from China, that is very good against constipation.


You can distinguish the different kind of sweet potatoes by their leaves. Sweet potatoes themselves are looking pretty much the same.


However leaves have different distinctive features, such as stem, color, hair, taste, and more importantly, shape.


Once accustomed to the digestive virtues of sweet potato leaves, you may not be able to do without them.


The thing with leaves is that they are perishable.

It’s difficult to store. They will not stand in the refregirator more than 4 days without changing taste, texture. They will essentially go bad.

You could also freeze them, but that’s inconvenient if you like to travel.

You cannot take a plane, a car, or a train and carry frozen things.



Besides it’s inconvenient, you have to process them, dry them, then store them.


When dried, they take a  lot of space, unless you crush them.  It’s not easy to crush, even when mixed, as their flakes remain a significant size.


So I was personally happy when I found this kind below, it’s processed into a powder, you can travel with it, and more importantly these sweet potato leaves is the kind with digestive virtues. It’s the asian kind. 

You can buy sweet potato leaves from the following vendor: 

It may sound expensive, but with the digestive freedom it provides, freeing the mind from clutter and changing a poor unhealthy body into a productive machine.  it’s actually the best money can buy.


You mean, why would you buy something for digestion that costs so much money?


Because it’s not just digestion, it’s easy digestion, it doesn’t give the runs, it doesn’t fill the stomach with water and dehydrate you in the process.


It’s natural, and more importantly, it works like clockwork.


You take one tablespoon in the morning.


Maybe another tablespoon in the afternoon.


Or maybe two tablespoon in the morning. You dilute in water, and you drink.


It tastes a bit sweet. It’s pleasant for a green mixture.











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